I made a big-girl-grown-up purchase today. A new car. I must say, it was very hard leaving my old car behind. But I had to remind myself, “It’s a car!! It doesn’t have feelings!!! Let it go!!!” I guess it was the memories that was hard to let go of. Another door closed, another chapter begun. I learned a lot through this car buying process; a lot of big-girl-grown-up things. Like how to talk to a salesman and what a V6 engine is. I also learned a lot about people and how different we all are. One of the things I have to constantly remind myself of is that people will have varying opinions, experiences, and perspectives. I have had so many people give me advice that if I were to consider them all I would never buy a car. I constantly strive for people around me to like what I like, believe what I believe, and act the way I act. I’m not sure why I am this way, or why I naturally want life to be that way. I guess it’s my passionate side that takes over. Maybe my opinionated side. Maybe my stubborn side. What I do know is that I am learning to just let people be. It’s actually a hard thing for me. But anything worthwhile is never easy, right? Neither is big-girl-grown-up decisions. But they sure are exciting. 🙂




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