365 Days of Marriage

It has been one whole year since Blake and I stood on the alter and recited our vows. One whole year on this road called marriage. In the space of that time, we have learned so many things. Things like what toilet paper is the better buy because it lasts the longest, how to make the perfect spaghetti (still working on that one!), that time spent together really is precious and sacred because there really isn’t much of it in this busy life, and that the word sorry when spoken is the key to happiness. As I was reflecting on our year together, I became excited about the years to come. Knowing that I will be spending the remainder of my earthly days with my best friend brings me so much peace. If this year is a reflection of how the rest of our lives will look, then pour me a glass of wine and lets celebrate! I know the road ahead will have storms and struggles, and this year has not been without its share of those. But I also know the road ahead will be full of laughter and flowers and pretty things because how can one live without those? We have both been graced with a very special gift. A gift that is humbling and strengthening and crippling all at the same time. We have done nothing to earn it and probably don’t deserve it, but we feel extremely blessed to have it. It gives us the strength and the passion to live our lives better than we could on our own and to stand up for what we believe in. It brings us together in a way that I believe nothing can tear us apart. It has been my dream, my wish, my hope for as long as I can remember to fall in love and grow very old with my forever person. How ironic it was to have dinner seated next to a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary just as we were celebrating our 1st. I can only pray that God was giving us a gift. A foreshadowing into our future. Letting us know that we will make it that long too…


…happy anniversary my love.


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